by Diapasyn

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released December 13, 2013

All songs written by Diapasyn

Recorded and Mixed at Opal Sound Studios
Engineer - Matt Gemini

Mastered at Humble Sky Studios by Paul Chase Jr.

Artwork by Leigh Leavitt

Photography of Artwork by Gary Lowell at



all rights reserved


Diapasyn Wells, Maine

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Track Name: Question
Who will stand closed peeled back exposed

Be an altered design of those who've been chose

*(Destructive routines play amusements with reality

Difficulties hinder what willful minds hope to be

To find your way thru mazes of hard rain and stone

You must know you'll never make it. Never make it home)*

To change the everyday

Depose what they call necessary

Engagements of mindless banter

Won't trouble a mere contender

Overtake the free form waste

It bars you Binds you

Puts you in your place

It's given what's yours is yours but time reveals all truths

I'm an altered design of those who've been chose
Track Name: Summer
Sweet summer song Turn & she's gone
Sweet summer blue But You're just passing thru
First they're up then they're down
Summer people spinnin round
Pretty cars in a row summer people ebb & flow
Now they're in then they're out Summer people round a bout
They eclipse they parade Summer people masquerade
Summer hot summer cold Summer bought summer sold
Summer asked summer told Summer choked on fool's gold
Ante up here we go another summer carni show
Calling all worker bees and pretty summer drama queens
Gala fest summer ball summer soaked in alcohol
Saddle up Kill the pain Summer runs on pink champagne
Summer rich summer terse summer blessed summer cursed
Summer flesh summer souls Summer thrives on fools gold
Bring back my summer Bring back my summer
Fourscore& 10 days we tiptoe thru the rat race
Blink of an eye summer's gone
Enter little bright eyes you're clutching for the door prize
With nimbus in your hand what went wrong?
Bring back my summer
Here comes city big boy he bought himself a new toy
Gonna show the little town how he won
But queen's rook to knight's pawn and uh oh you're all done
Then checkmate my friend summer's gone
Traffic jams & August snow & summer people doe-see-doe
Schism left & schism right summer brothels summer fights
How can such a pretty thing evolve into a circus ring
4 way stops & rent-a-cops & pretty bobbled candy shops
Just a little taste of summer
Take me to the place called summer
Track Name: Torpedo
Stand to
The windseye
She’ll show her heels
To the longnines

I’m the whisper in your ear
All the dross that you hold dear
I’m the tempest and the flood
I’m the mark of flesh and blood
Sights are set and I don’t miss
I’m the beast I’m Judas kiss
I’m the bane that blights your soul
Leviathan your torpedo

You won’t forsake me
I’m your sine qua non
You won’t mistake me
I’m what you’re made of
I can’t be shaken
I’m the road to demise
You will not break me
Come along for the ride

I know just what you think
I know you’re on the brink
Just a little drink
To see you through
I know you wanna touch it
I know how very much it
Makes you feel alive
She’ll never know
You know that you deserve this
All your years of service
Just a numbers game
They’ll never know

You know you can’t defeat it
So acquiesce and free it
You might as well release it
Jack Ketch on the longboats
Tyburn saints for Tyburn trees
Sirens sing their last note
Seven sins and seven seas

I am crouched and dressed to kill
Iniquity corporal will
I’m the fuel but you’re the flame
No one but yourself to blame
I’m the splinters in your veins
You’re the crutch your hell your acid rain
Relentless guilt and endless shame
Yes I go by many names

Come a little nearer
Wanna see me clearer
Step up to the mirror
There I am
Never gonna tame me
Discard or defame me
Just a little game called
Me and you
Really quite amusing
You censure but diffuse me
Never gonna lose me
We are one

You know you can’t defeat me
So acquiesce and free me
You might as well release me

Captain’s daughters waiting
Deadly sins and deadly seas
To pay for your hell-raking
I am you and you are me

I am
Save our souls
Track Name: Father
Father who held me in the palm of your hand
You breathed the world in mine Tought me how to find honesty intrepidly
Father who gave me all you had to give & wished the wish that made me live
Who fought yourself for me fought yourself to be there for me
Father who etched this human heart with love and care
Your final lesson left to bare spills into my everywhere
But time it plays it's fickle games and shouts its many colored names
Father you clothed youself with truth as a man
Your fairness equaled sacrifice nothing less would dare suffice
Our creed became I can we felled the shadow's stand
I'm a fool to think that I know
Center stage now on with the show
Vain attempt to open my eyes
Connect the dots the ties
Opaque pictures can't be shown
Inner scriptures turn to stone
Your face is carved into the rocks
As dreams paint their paradox
This rain cascading from my pores
Your strength grounds my core
It's all become so saturnine
Your recall awakes my mind
Time to embrace the fettered sound
Release it to higher ground
This bond that's reveling inside
This bond that blows with every breeze
Says with the changing of the tide
This is my life to seize
Child of mine Have I told you
I love you
Father of mine Have I told you
I miss you
I'm a fool to think that I know
Center stage now on with the show
Opaque pictures can"t be shown
Inner scripture turns to stone
Track Name: Goodboy
Be a good boy Like you should boy

At 22 he earned his shield A badge a belt a gun to wield

2 months down into his beat A soul infected by the streets

What started as protect & serve Spills into young blood on the curb

Two men dead one body cold The other walks without his soul

They were good boys Aw, such good boys

His silverspoons and golden hair Didn't come from Laissez-faire

Born a politicians son Born to walk on everyone

With eloquence & grace he's taught To play the game just don't caught

He learned to live like daddy said But noble blue blood still bleeds red

He's a good boy Did as he should boy

Johnny learned his best defense To wrap himself in silence

or don the colors black and blue They'll be there when daddys through

His job his pills his endlss painOh god he hates his life again

This worthless brat is just a chore Johnny doesn't live there anymore

Say why,Say why

Who made the rules that broke your back Who smeared your colors into black

What makes a good boy turn so bad Who quelled what little life you had

Who stole the thoughts inside your mind Splintered your dreams and left you blind

Who dullled the brilliance in your soulTangled you up in mute control

Who plays the trite text in your head Some things are better left unsaid

But if you stop and think it through Really it's up to me and you

Who put the roadblocks in your way What kind of hero saves your day

Consequence and it's truth End of your story is up to you

Be a good boy